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Website marketing and online promotions.

"Build it and they will come" certainly does not apply to websites. Most websites get little to no visitors at all.

The design of your site, every graphic, and every word all contribute to your success or failure online. It does not pay to work hard if you are not working smart. Your approach should be from your audiences perspective. After all... it is they who will ultimately determine your level of success and it is they who will need to navigate your website.

And with that lets begin.

Your website structure - Navigation
Proper website structure will not only make it easier for your visitors to navigate, but it will also allow you to expand your site properly while designing. Excellent directory structure is also important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A properly structured website with logical navigation combined with great design and useful content is the desired top search result for all the major companies. Therefore proper:  Site Structure, Navigation, Design, and Content from the very start will require much less "Optimization".

You do want the appropriate Domain Name, Domain Title, Domain Folder Names, Website Title, Web Page Titles, Web Page Folders, MetaTags, Page Descriptions, Keywords, Heading and other .html tags to be precise and optimal. One of the most important factors is CONTENT. Remember content is King, and keyword density should be appropriaite for audience friendly site. Too many repeated words is redundant and appears as desperate spam. Be as concise and honest as possible.

Types of Advertising
SEO: Search Engine Optimization (Natural Search Engine Results) ~ see above

SEM: Search Engine Marketing (Paid Search Advertising)
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Email Marketing

Press - News Releases
Choose PRWeb as your news release distribution service.: PRWeb is a leading online news and press release distribution service used by 40,000+ organizations. PRWeb is essential to any online marketing strategy for small and large businesses alike.

Traditional Marketing Methods
Reaching The Correct Audience
Target Audience and Demographics
Finding the Right Keywords

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