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Siren and Horn .wav files

.wav sound files

File Name
File Details: 16 Bit,  44100 Hz, 1411 kbps Stereo
Ambulance Horn ambulancehorn.wav
1.25 meg
7 seconds
Loud Ambulance Horn (2 Horn Bursts)
Ambulance Horn2 ambulancehorn2.wav
1.25 meg 7 seconds Series of Short Ambulance Horn Bursts
Police Siren
sirenpolice.wav 4.83 meg
29 seconds
Police Siren Passing Police Car
Police Siren2 sirenpolice2.wav 1.26 meg
8 seconds
Normal Siren
Police Siren3  - Hi/Lo
802 kb
4.5 seconds
Higher Pitched Hi/Lo
Police Siren4 sirenpolice4.wav
1.40 meg
8 seconds Long Siren then series of short sirens
Police Siren5 sirenpolice5.wav
1.40 meg 8 seconds Long Siren Manual Tone
Police Siren with hi/lows
sirens.wav 2.06 meg 12 seconds Normal Siren with 4 different hi/low effects
Police Sirens + Horns
sirenswithhorns.wav 1.52 meg
9 seconds Couple Sirens with Horns
Police Siren + Horn
sirenwithhorn.wav .675 kb
4 seconds 1 Siren with horns
Police Siren w/Rumbler
1.30 meg 7 seconds Police Siren with Rumbler (Rumbler creates vibration)
Siren Hi/Low with Horn
sirenhilowithhorn.wav 887 kb
5 seconds
Siren Hi/Low Pitch with Horn
Siren Hi/Low w/Rumbler
sirenhilowithrumbler.wav 1.60 meg
9 seconds Loud Siren Hi/Low Pitch with Rumbler
Siren Tone
sirentone.wav 296 kb
3 seconds Siren Tone

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Siren and Horn .wav / .wave audio file
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