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Welcome to the .wav sound files directory. Here you will find many free .wav sound files to download.

.wav files

.WAV or WAVE stands for Waveform Audio File Format

What are .wav sound files?
.wav files are audio clips. An audio file format for storing audio data on a computer system.  sample: .wav

What are they used for?
.wav files are commonly used in your computer for event sounds (such as AOL's famous "You've Got Mail"), games, chat programs. You can change your sound settings within your Control Panel if you are using Windows®.

.wav files are sometimes used by webmasters.  When embedded into webpages, sound files can be set to play when a visitor enters their web site (usually best to use .mid files because they are smaller and download faster), or used as event sounds which play when a visitor clicks on something.

.wav files are popular with users of Internet Chat programs. Instead of typing "lol = laugh out loud", or "that was funny". Users of chat programs can often set a trigger key on their keyboard to make a sound play on the computer of the person they are chatting with.

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