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The owners and operators of this site DO NOT use annoying Pop Up Windows to display advertisements but many adware and spyware programs do. If you do encounter popup advertisements while browsing any of our sites. Chances are your computer is infected with Adware and/or Spyware.

  • If you are familiar with Spyware and Adware and you are sure you do not have it. Just know our sites are safe. You will NOT get it from visiting our sites and we do not use annoying pop up windows.
  • If you are unfamiliar with Spyware and Adware there is more information below.
  • If you do know about Spyware and Adware and you are not 100% sure you do not have it, you should check out some AntiSpyware software or Conduct a free below.

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Adware and Spyware
What is Adware? What is Spyware?
Spyware is computer software that gathers and reports information about a computer user without the user's knowledge or consent.

Is Spyware and Adware Common?
Unfortunately it is Extremely common and 95% of computers are now infected

Some Nasty things Spyware and Adware May Do
*Monitors your personal info (Chat Logs, Passwords, Emails, SSN)
*Dramatically Slows Down your computer, until it crashes
*Floods you with aggressive Pop-ups and Commercials
*Hides on your PC un-revealed by Anti-Virus or Firewall Programs
*Some cases even result in Credit Card Fraud or Identity Theft!
*Blocks web sites you know are safe but claims they are dangerous for your computer
*Pop up windows claiming you already have Spyware or a virus and tries to sell you their solution.

Where Does Adware and Spyware come from?
The software is developed by and distributed to sneaky companies/individuals who place these products on your computer.

Why do they put unwanted software on my computer?
They do this for several reasons.
1) To deliver unrequested advertising (pop-up ads in particular) to you.
2) To gather your web surfing interests (in a attempt to deliver targeted advertisements to you)
3) To gather, use, sell or share your personal information.
4) To re-route your page requests to illegally claim commercial site referral fees
5) To install illegal stealth phone dialers.
6) To pose as spyware and viruses to get you to purchase their antivirus or antispyware software.

Basically.... for money.

How do they put this privacy invading "malicious software" people's computers?

Spyware normally installs itself through one of three methods:
1. The spyware component comes bundled with an otherwise apparently useful program. The makers of such packages usually make them available for download free of charge, so as to encourage wide uptake of the spyware component. This applies especially with file-sharing clients and other popular (so called free) MP3 download sites and software.

2. The spyware takes advantage of security flaws in Internet Explorer.

3. Security flaws in some email programs and from users accidently clicking on infected files.

How do I know if I have Spyware or adware on my computer?
If you have ever downloaded or used file sharing software to download free music online (MP3s) chances are your computer is infected.
"The fine print in the agreement before you download file transfer software sneaks in a paragraph which allows them to legally install this unwanted software on your computer and in many cases gives access to additional companies(3rd parties) to install adware and spyware software on your computer as well."

What are the Symptoms? (if you have some or all of these symptoms, your computer is infected)
1) You will encounter many Pop Up Windows while browsing.
2) Your Internet connection may be much slower
3) Your computer may not be as fast as it used to be
4) You can see ~via your internet connection icon (in the taskbar below) that there is activity happening even though you arent currently surfing or downloading anything.
5) Misc. Icons to various sites and software appear on your desktop
6) You find unauthorized sites can add themselves to your internet favorites
7) Unwanted toolbars and searchbars can attach themselves to your browser without your knowledge or approval
8) Your default homepage changed and/or settings can be hijacked so you can't change them.
9) When you reboot your computer (turn it off and then back on) you see "Please wait a moment while changes are made to your settings" when you did not install any new software.
10) If you press "Control, Alt, Delete" (at the same time it will pull up your task manager and often times you can see strange programs actively running on your computer) *NOTE: Do not press "Control, Alt, Delete" Twice... it will restart your computer.
11) Many rogue spyware programs will pop up warnings "your computer is infected" and offer to sell you software to fix it. Obviously you should not purchase this software. Doing so may require giving your credit card number to these crooks from a different country.

Can this Software damage my computer?
Yes. In addition to slowing down your computer, additional invalid registries on your computer can cause your computer to crash or fail to load.

Other Security and Privacy Risks
All information you enter via the web can be intercepted
Your browsing activity can be tracked and monitored
Your personal information can be sold to other parties without your knowledge or consent.

Can I find out for sure if I have Spyware or adware on my computer? Yes
Can I remove it before its too late? (hopefully Yes, the sooner the less risk)

Anti Virus and Anti Spyware Software or Conduct a free scan at the following link
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The owners and operators of this site DO NOT use Pop Up Windows to display advertisements. Sometimes we will open a new window when you click on a external link to provide you with a easier and better surfing experience (no getting lost).  If you do encounter popup advertisements while browsing any of our sites. Your computer is infected with Adware and/or Spyware.
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