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100% Privacy. We Do NOT Collect Your Personal Information about you.

Externalharddrive.com - Privacy Statement

The owners and operators of externalharddrive.com respect your privacy. We DO NOT collect personal information from our visitors. We do not gather, store, sell, or share information about you.

You will never receive unsolicited e-mail (spam) from visiting our site(s).  We do not use annoying pop-up windows. If you should ever encounter a pop-up window while using this site, it means you have spyware or malware on your computer. This is not something to do with externalharddrive.com. Over 90% of computers have some type of intrusive and unwanted spyware or malware. You can find programs to remove them here.

We do use ads from well known, trusted and respected companies in various portions of our site. Example, Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies (such as doubleclick) to serve ads based on a user's visits to prior websites.

You will encounter advertisements on practically any website you visit cookies just make it more likely the ads you encounter will be relevant to your interests. In the event we can not help you find precisely what you are searching for we hope google can.

Users may opt out of the use of the DoubleClick cookie for interest-based advertising by visiting the ads preference manager. Alternatively, you can opt out of a third-party vendor's use of cookies for interest based advertising by visiting aboutads.info.)

We DO NOT use pop up windows to display annoying advertisements.  If you do encounter any Pop Up Advertisments when visiting our site.  It is not something we did. It means you have sneaky adware or spyware running on your computer. To learn more about this Adware and Spyware Click Here

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