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Welcome to the .mid sound files directory. Here you will find many free .mid sound files to download.  Alternative music, Country, Games, Holiday midis, Metal, Oldies, Piano, Rock, Pop, Rythem and Blues, mid classics. Thousands!! Many free downloads!!

What are .mid sound files?
.mid file extension files are midi audio files. MIDI stands for "Musicical Instrument Digital Interface"

Three main types of .mid files
Type 0)  All tracks in one single track
Type 1)  Files are seperate tracks, first file contains tempo and time signature
Type 2)  Each file is individual track including tempo and time signature for each track

What are they used for?

.mid files are sometimes used by webmasters.  When embedded into webpages, sound files can be set to play when a visitor enters their web site, usually background music.
.mid files are also used as preloaded sounds in Keyboards and other Musical equipment.

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