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Quit Smoking / Smoking Cessation

Although everybody is different, scientifically and statistically the absolute best (highest long-term success rate) way to quit smoking is cold turkey. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance. If you continue to put nicotine in your body you will remain addicted. This includes all methods of nicotine consumption; the patch, gum, ect....

Nicotine addiction only requires a tiny amount of nicotine to thrive, just a simple puff and addition is maintained. This is why one cigarette usually leads back to full time smoking. As far as addiction is concerned cutting back is no good.  Sure you will be getting less toxins but your addiction will remain. Cutting back will give your body less nicotine than it is used to and will put you in a constant state of withdrawal. The effects of  withdrawal are the same if you cut down on smoking or quit cold turkey. The difference is.... when you cut back, the withdrawals do not cease until you no longer smoke. Quiting cold turkey is also the fastest way to get beyond withdrawals.

If you are addicted to nicotine and quit smoking, here are a few things you can expect.

1) Withdrawals begin right away
2) Withdrawals generally peak at day #3 as residual nicotine leaves your body.
3) Withdrawals will continue for 14 days. This may seem like forever but the withdrawals symptoms will decrease. They will continue to decrease and eventually you will be completely free from the grasp of nicotine addiction and will go for days and then weeks without even thinking about smoking.

Also, the withdrawals are not so intense if you have a complete understanding how they work and what to expect. Nicotine withdrawals play tricks on your mind and seem extremely intense. However, if you count and time your withdrawals you will see that in fact at the very peak of your withdrawals you will have a strong desire for nicotine only 5 times a day and each episode will only last 2-3 minutes. So if you pay close attention you are only in a serious state of withdrawal about 15 minutes per day.

If you can handle a little withdrawal and stress, in 17 days you can be a ex-smoker with no physical withdrawals.

In my opinion and as a ex-smoker of 4 years (pack + a day for 20+ years) the absolute best quit smoking information and advice can be found at WHYQUIT.COM. But WAIT, don't go yet.

Joel Spitzer has provided smoking cessation and prevention services since 1972, first as a volunteer speaker and then a member of the professional staff of the American Cancer Society.

At his site I highly recommend you download his 212 page book "Never Take Another Puff" and print it out. When you want nicotine, just start your timer and read for 3 minutes. You will get great information and a couple paragraphs later, your withdrawal is gone.

A direct link here (promise no gimmicks and he provides this book for 100% FREE)

You CAN Quit smoking!

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