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Candystand: Shockwave Internet Games: Sports, Arcade Games, Card Games, Puzzles, Multiplayer Games, and more.

CleverMedia: Shockwave Games Index, Action, Puzzle, Sports, Word Games, Strategy Games, Misc.

Gamesville: Lycos games, Arcade Games, Puzzles, Word Games, Board Games, Dice, Cards, Bingo.

Justriddlesandmore: collection of riddles, puzzles, arcade, adventure games, sports, cards, board games, illusions, quizzes, downloads.

Kewlbox: Action/Adventure Games,  Puzzle/Strategy Games, Arcade Games.

MSN Zone (Microsoft) : msn game zone, all kinds of games. play trivia, board, and card games online.

Pogo: (from ea games (electronic arts)) Must register to play. Offers free online games. Puzzles, Board Games, Word Games. Including word whomp, solitaire, dominoes, chess, and more.

Puzz : puzzles, riddles, quizes, iq tests

Skyworks: Advergames Specialists, Shockwave Internet Games. Categories include: Sports, Alternative Sports, Golf, Driving Games, Card/Board Games and more.

Uproar: online games. Bingo, Board and Tile, Brain Teasers, Game Shows, Cards, Trivial Pursuit, Word Games.

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