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Fashion Magazines and Publications. Fashion Magazines.  Top Fashion Magazines from the US and around the world. US Magazines give a up close reviews of the new and upcoming style, upcoming fashion shows, popular styles and trends. Plus dozens of articles featuring the latest fashions for Men, Women, Teens, and Children.

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Elle magazine gives you everything you need to look like you just stepped off the runway every day. Elle is packed with lush color photography of today's hottest fashions... elegant beaded silk halters, fringe-bottom skirts, classic sweaters, barely-there beachwear, sexy getaway gear and so much more. Elle talks shoes, handbags, makeup, jewelry, travel, shopping, restaurants and much more -- all from the viewpoint of an eclectic, exotic and fashionable you. Only Elle delivers the latest trends from today's best designers, the inside scoop on the most glamorous stars, plus the secret to creating flawless skin, perfectly disheveled hair and those fabulous Hollywood bodies! Be the confident, breathtaking beauty you were born to be with Elle.   Elle

International Fashion Magazines. International Fashion Magazines
Global Fashion Publications from Australia Canada, Finland, France, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and New York City.

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(AU) Australia
(CA) Canada
(FR) France
(SP) Spain
(UK) United Kingdom

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