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Capital: Bishkek
Internet Country Code: .kg
Continent: Asia (Central Asia)
Currency: Kyrgyzstani som
Dialing Code: +996
Official languages: Kyrgyz, Russian

Kyrgyzstan is a Central Asian country of incredible natural beauty and proud nomadic traditions, Kyrgyzstan was annexed by Russia in 1864; it achieved independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Nation-wide demonstrations in the spring of 2005 resulted in the ouster of President Askar AKAYEV, who had run the country since 1990. Subsequent presidential elections in July of 2005 were won overwhelmingly by former prime minister Kurmanbek BAKIYEV. Current concerns include: privatization of state-owned enterprises, expansion of democracy and political freedoms, interethnic relations, and combating terrorism.

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Languages Spoken:  Kyrgyz (official), Russian (official)

Religion: Muslim 75%, Russian Orthodox 20%, other 5%


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Central Asia, west of China

Lowest Point: Kara-Daryya (Karadar'ya) 132 m 
Highest Point: Jengish Chokusu (Pik Pobedy) 7,439 m

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