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Local Government Information includes:
Accommodations, Administrative divisions, Airlines, Airports, Capitals, Constitution, Country name, Diplomatic representation from the US, Diplomatic representation in the US, Executive branch, Facts, Government types, Independence, International organization participation, Judicial branches, Legal systems, Legislative branches, National holidays, Political parties and leaders, Flag descriptions

Europe Governments. Governments in Europe.

albaniaAlbania Government
Andorra Government
Austria Government
Belarus Government
Belgium Government
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina
bulgariaBulgaria Government
croatiaCroatia Government
Czech Republic Government
Denmark Government
Estonia Government
faroe islandsFaroe Islands - Government
France Government
Germany Government
Gibralter Government
Greece Government
Hungary Government
Iceland Government
Italy Government
Ireland Government
Latvia Government
Liechtenstein Government
Luxembourg Government
macedoniaMacedonia Government
Malta Government
Moldova Government
Monaco Government
montenegroMontenegro Government
Netherlands Government
Norway Government
Poland Government
Portugal Government
RomaniaRomania Government
San Marino Government
Slovakia Government
sloveniaSlovenia Government
Spain Government
Svalbard Government
Sweden Government
Switzerland Government
Ukraine Government

Northeast Europe: Faroe Islands

Balkan States 
Balkan States (Balkan States and the Region):
Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Hercegovina, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia

Countries on the Asian Border are Classified here as a Asian and will be found in the Asia directory in order to maintain continent integrity.

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