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City of Limón
Limon (aka Puerto Limon)

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Brief History and Historical Facts
The City of Limon (aka Puerto Limon) was built on the site of Cariari (an Indian Village) in 1871. 
Christopher Columbus first visited this village in 1502 on his fourth and final transatlantic voyage to the new world.

About the City of Limon
The City of Limon is the Capital City of Limon Province.  Although Puerto Limon is not necessarily considered a tourist attraction, it is a major destination and port for imports/exports and international cruiseships.

Puerto Limon (town/cityofLimon itself) has about 60,000 residents. Limon is populated mostly by descendants of West Indians and Jamaicans who were brought here at the turn of the century to build the narrow-guage railroad to the Central Valley.

Pacific Coast: To drive from the Caribbean coast to the pacific coast (across country) is approximately 155 miles.

San Jose Province (Costa Rica's Capital - City of San Jose) is inland about 100 miles.

City of Limon - Small Attractions Nearby

Parque Vargas: a small park setting where you can relax. Parque Vargasis the city's central park, a lush garden with huge palm trees.

Playa Bonita: sandy beaches and picnic areas.

Sea Wall: a wall along the coast where you can see the Isla Uvita.

Isla Uvita - a famous island that can been seen from the Caribbean Coast
The Historic town of Limon is where Christopher Columbus first touched this verdant shore (Utiva Island is where Columbus anchored during his fourth dicovery voyage). It takes about 20 minutes to reach the Island by boat.

Central Market: A small market where produce, crafts and sundries are sold.

Museo Etno Historico de Limon: local culture and history museum.

Cieneguita: Cieneguita is the oldest part of the city. Cocoa and banana plantations.

Banana Plantations: Limon Costa Rica is also the home of the Dole Banana processing facility.

Along The Caribbean Coast

North of the City of Limon
Moin: The port of Moin is about 12 miles north of Puerto Limon. Moin is approx 80 miles from the Nicaraguan border.

On the Northern end of the Limon Province freshwater lagoons extend to the Tortuguero and the Colorado River.

South of the City of Limon
Cahuita: Cahuita, Cahuita beach and Cahuita National Park. Located on the Caribbean shoreline in the south of Limon Province.  It is about 1 hour south of Limon City. The reefs offer nice views of fish and crustaceans. The National park is located just inland from the beach.

Further South
Puerto Viejo: 1/2 hour south of Cahuita, 1 1/2 hours south of Puerta Limon (Limon City)

Southern End of the Coast
On the South end of the Limon Province is the Talamanca Region
Talamanca Region: A mountainous region that offers hiking and camping, and has several Indian Reservations. Reserve Indigena Talamanca Bribri

The Talamanca region offers hiking and camping. 

Things To Do: In addition to listing all the area attractions, here are things you can do in the Caribbean Region. Sun-Bathing, Fishing, bird watching, horsebackriding, and lots of water activities including: white-water rafting, ocean and river kayaking, surfing, diving, snorkeling and canoeing.  The Talamanca region offers hiking and camping. 

Note: The information on this page is for the "City of Limon" (mainly along the coast), if you want a broader area view click the Limon (Limon Province) link below. Or, select any other province to check out any region of the Country (Costa Rica).
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