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"Must Have" Software

.PDF Files
You will need this software to view .PDF files. .PDF files are very common both online and offline. Offline they are often used for ebooks, and information. Also, many informative web sites will give a .pdf file in order to let you read information, facts and details both online and offline.
Adobe Reader (Formally Known as Adobe Acrobat Reader)
.Zip and .Rar Files (Compressed File Formats)
Zipped files are compressed files, meant to use up less space and to allow for faster downloads.
There are two main types of compressed files; .zip (most common), and .rar (also popular). The best way to understand it..... Think of compressed files as letters in an envelope. Packed away for efficiency but you will need a "letter opener", Unzipping Utility to open and Extract (take the files (letters)) out of the envelope for future viewing.
Winrar: Compressed file unzipping and zipping utility for .rar files.
Winzip: Compressed file unzipping and zipping utilityfor .zip files.

Online Casino Games
Free Online Casino Software from the top Casino Sites on the net. If you ever want to play real live casino games on the net, you can get the free software here (the sites here offer the highest payouts in the gaming industry).  Also, most of the online casino sites also have free versions where you can play the hottest casino games.
Top Web Browsers
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer
Netscape Communicator
Opera Web Browser
Adware and Spyware
The Truth is... not only are 95% of computers infected with spyware or adware. Many Adware and Spyware removal programs add thier own adware and spyware on your computer after removing the others. Adaware DOES NOT! Adaware from Lavasoft is the best!
Adware and Spyware Removal Software

AntiVirus Software
AVG Anti-virus: Grissoft
Mcafee: McAfee
Symantec: Norton
.Wav Editing Software
.wav files are sound files. Common in all games and windows event sounds. They are larger files than .MP3 files and .Mid files sound files but are still extremly popular. Our favorite editor of these files (and easy to use) is Goldwave and you can get a free trial version here.
Web Browser Plug Ins (Popular)
Macromedia's Flash Plug Ins

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Free "Must Have" Software

Computer Specific Dictionaries and Encyclopedias.
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