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Getting Listed
Over the years we have allowed web masters and web site owners to add thier web addresses for inclusion into our directories. (Basically, we wanted to collect web site addresses to build huge Internet directories.)

Now we have huge Internet directories with great traffic and highly targeted sections for both topic and location so we really do not need to add more web addresses for free (but we continue to do so).

We are encountering some problems with web site address that are submitted to us. These problems leave us with two options, either to stop taking web site url submissions or to address these problems.

We decided to try addressing these problems instead of ending url submissions all together (thus, the reason for this page).

Add/Suggest Your Site Guidelines
Please read the following 5 to have your site(s)(pages) added.
1) Linking out to sites that do not link back to us has officially ended. If our site(s) are good enough that you want your site to be listed here then we are worthy of a link back to our site.

2) Web Marketing and SEO companies are charging customers for thier services and then submitting thier customers sites to us.  We figure if we do not charge for our listings, others should not profit from our listings either. We are willing to add sites for webmarketers and SEO companies (bulk addresses even) but each site we add must provide a link back to us.

3) Links back to us SHOULD NOT be from Links pages or Link Partner Pages.
We maintain directories.  When you submit your site to us we add your site exactly where it should be listed. By both, topic and location. From us you will receive highly targeted traffic and excellent sales ratios (or visitor interest if you are not selling anything). We do not even have a "links" page.
A link back from a list of links on a link page is useless and will not be accepted as a link back.
(Furthermore.... top search engines penalize sites which enchange links purely to gain popularity. It is pretty easy to figure out that sites swaping links with sites with "links", and "resources" pages are doing exactly that).

Example of a actual submission just received as I am tying this (I X'd out the domain)


We have added your link to our directory at :

and we are wondering if we could get a link back.

Our URL is: "

Um, let me think.

4) Links back to us should link to either our homepage from your homepage or to a page that has content relevant to the site (or page) you want to submit.

Example: has a golfing directory. We do not want you to link to with a link called "USA Golf"
Our sites have many topics and we do not want to appear like we are limited to one topic. Either link to the appropriate page or link to our main page from your main page.

5) We have received hundreds of web site address submissions similiar to this.
Recently we have visited your site "xxxx" and we would like to swap links with you. Here is our address "" and text to use. You can add your site here:

a) We will not go to that address to submit our site. Honestly we do not have time to fill out dozens of forms daily nor do we have time to check privacy statements to make sure we are not signing up for spam as well (we already get hundreds of spam letters each day).

b) The majority of these submissions are automated mass marketing programs and scripts that have only visited your site to locate a email address to spam thier sites info to.

To add/suggest your web site email us the following details

*NOTE: Sites are generally added within 24 hours but oftentimes within 10 minutes. A human will visit your site before adding it to our directories. We suggest you add a link back to us (read the guidelines above) before you submit your site. Also... keep the link to us in place, we check all link backs regularly and your link will remain on our site as well.

Site Title: "Your Web Site Title <this will be the text used to link"
URL: Your web site address
Description: brief description to use.
URL of link back to us: *Links from links pages not accepted.
Your Email Address
And a phone number if you want to discuss additional promotion opportunities.

Thank You for Linking up with us!
We will email you back or call you (if you provided a phone number) with exact URL where your site has been added as soon as it is uploaded.


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