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Externalharddrive.com was registered about 13 years ago in Sept 1998. I registered the name because I had this crazy idea that someday someone would invent a hard drive that was outside of the computer box and connected with a wire. This would allow the device to be portable, a secure way to backup, store, and/or transport large amounts of data between PCs.

At the time, the closest thing was a zip drive. A medium capacity storage device, and now low capacity compared to the mass storage used today. A USB drive also known as (thumb drive, jump drive) can hold several gigs.

Since there were no External Hard Drives at the time the site was registed. I set it up as sort of a cloud. It was an external harddrive people (including myself) could use to store bookmarks to their favorite websites. This served several useful purposes, many still to this day.

Online Bookmarks allows people to access their favorite websites anytime, from any computer. People can also see the favorite or recommended sites of others. I was hesitant to allow people to upload or store thier files on the site in case they uploaded something illegal and somehow I could be liable.

As the site continued to grow, I experienced the growing pains of limited space and limited bandwidth provided (or not provided) at several different hosting companies. Local Internet Service companies in my area were not used to hosting sites with large amounts of traffic (visitors). Costs for bandwidth were very excessive. In fact, despite continued growth I paid more for bandwidth 10 years ago than I do today.

Speed up to today....

The Site still contains bookmarked sites, places to get external hard drives :) , Secure Online File Backup Services, and Reliable Web Hosting. I have plenty of experience with all of these and can confidently recommend these services to you. Both popular companies and affiliates.

Externalharddrive.com makes an excellent Internet Start Page.  Make it yours. Fast easy access to bookmarks, top social networking sites, all types of entertainmentfree email services, national sites, international sites, and of course Googles powerful search and many other search sites and much more

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